Enhanced customer experiences Powered by AI

Learn from the pioneers how AI tools can enhance customer experiences in customer service - join the Trifork event on Tuesday, April 30th

AI tools have a tremendous transformative potential to alter the way businesses provide service and engage in dialogue with customers. Many companies are on the verge of experimenting with AI technologies themselves, but are uncertain about how to approach the task. They lack concrete experiences from those who have already taken the leap and are actively working with the technologies today.

Come and hear the specific experiences that KRIFA and OK have gained, and let Trifork inspire with insights into the endless possibilities offered by AI technology.


  • Learn how AI tools help provide faster, more efficient, and even more personalized customer support.


  • Find inspiration on how to utilize AI tools to scale and handle fluctuations in customer inquiries, ensuring consistent support during peak periods.


  • Meet and network with other like-minded professionals, speakers, and AI experts.


Sign up today for this exciting event – and get inspiration how your company can improve customer experiences through AI.

NB! Limited seats available


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