Prevent cyber attacks by strengthening your organization's most critical defense layer

Did you know that humans are one of the primary causes of data breaches? - as high as 85% of all data breach incidents* is due to negligent human behavior, covering both intentional- as well as unintentional actions.

This is where Cyber Awareness takes the center stage. Your focus as an executive is key and sets the precedence on awareness around Cyber and the trust we put into our employees and colleagues, protecting our Organization from the malicious activities we regularly meet online. 

Cyber awareness is an essential focus area when bolstering your first line of defense against data breaches, as a recurring activity. Cyber defense consists of several levels of fortification, these include awareness defense, technical defense, and organizational defense. The first and most essential to prevent breaches is bolstering the human firewall.

In this event we have allied ourselves with some of the best in the business CybeReady, in order to share their knowledge of how data-driven and result-oriented security solutions are used.

As managers, you can make an impact on your organizational security culture and empower security managers to select data-driven, result-oriented security solutions that truly make a difference.

Watch the event and gain:

  • A deeper understanding of how to perfect employee cyber awareness training

  • How to select and implement data-driven approaches

  • Clearly set goals and performance reporting KPIs to the Board

  • Case story presented by Ian Parker, CISO at Menzies Distribution, UK 


*According to Verizon’s 2021 data breach report"


For any questions related to the event or Trifork security services, feel free to reach out to Anders Fleinart Larsen, Cyber Business Unit Leader

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